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Home Textile Manufacturing Process at TEL-DAN

TEL-DAN provides high-quality home textiles that are crafted with precision and care. From design to delivery, our manufacturing process ensures our customers’ visions are beautifully realized, expertly executed and delivered on time.

Phase I: Design

No. 1

Design Development

At TEL-DAN, our process begins with interpreting the theme boards provided to us by the customer. Our experienced in-house designers and trusted third-party trend consultants refer to your theme boards as they develop compelling designs. 

No matter how simple or complex your vision is, our goal is always to present you with design options that are creative, well-considered and commercially viable.

In this example, our USA-based client sent us theme boards featuring pillows with tropical jungle prints.

No. 2

Design Selection

Next, we present a design shortlist.

If more design options are needed, or if adjustments are requested, we go back to the drawing board until the customer is fully satisfied. According to the customer’s preference, this step can be completed by email, or through a combination of email and video calls conducted in English.

The jungle print designs you see in this image were created by TEL-DAN’s in-house team. Our customer chose several of these concepts for production.

Phase II: Development

No. 3

Development Samples

The development phase kicks off with samples. We send physical samples or high-quality photos or graphics. When introducing new products or fabrics, we always send physical samples, so that our customers may see and feel the products.

This white jungle print on a navy background was one of the final selections for our USA customer.

No. 4

Pricing & Order Confirmation

We promptly provide detailed costings once designs are selected. Our extensive network of suppliers, based on 40 years of experience in the textile business, allows us to provide quality fabrics at competitive prices.

The minimum order value requirement is generally $10,000.

Phase III: Order Processing

No. 5

Production Initiation

We begin material procurement and initiate production after receiving the customer’s purchase order. For basic products, such as knife edge pillows, TEL-DAN’s factory can produce up to 300,000 units per month.

No. 6

Production Samples & Adjustments

Production samples are then carefully crafted using the sourced materials. We assess how the fabric performs at this stage. We maintain close communication with the customer regarding the need for changes or adjustments.

TEL-DAN’s factory complies with social and safety standards and is certified by the third-party auditor, Omega.

Phase IV: Production

No. 7

Final Production

Our 6,400 sqm factory is located only 20 minutes from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. It is equipped with the latest of textile design and manufacturing machinery.

Tel-Dan combines artisanal care with modern manufacturing capabilities to service global retailers at the standards they require.

We’ve successfully passed audits for both technical and social compliance by some of the world’s leading retailers.


Our production capabilities are highly versatile. We are able to produce a wide range of home textile items, including outdoor and indoor pillows, bean bags, poufs, ottomans and kitchen accessories.

Perfect Fit

We have a great deal of experience and expertise in outdoor products, especially in achieving exact foam fits for cushions.

Phase V: Shipping

No. 8

Quality Control & Packing

Every product goes through rigorous quality control checks by our dedicated QC department. Our packing process is optimized for cost-efficiency, utilizing press or vacuum packing methods that help reduce freight costs for our customers.

OEM Manufacturing

Products with TEL-DAN branding are available in HomeGoods retailers in the United States. However, we are an OEM manufacturer. We have produced home textiles on behalf of many excellent brands, such as Martha Stewart, Tommy Bahamas, IKEA and Pottery Barn.

No. 9

Shipping from Thailand

Thailand has maintained strong diplomatic ties with the United States since World War II, leading to a favorable trade relationship. This enduring alliance makes Thailand-based manufacturers like TEL-DAN a stable choice for U.S. retailers, who benefit not only from quality textile production but also from supply chain reliability.

TEL-DAN offers customers efficient shipping, with the capability to load 15-20 shipping containers at a time. Products typically reach the USA within 20-35 days.