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Christian La-Croix / Habitat FABRIC SOURCING

Christian La-Croix / Habitat FABRIC SOURCING

When Christian La-Croix worked with Habitat for its VIP special products program, his
Preliminary sketches of a family of three fantasy fabric creatures went to Tel-Dan.
La-Croix’s products were multi patterned and colorful, true to the spirit of his innovative and world-known fashion.

Rapid prototyping

The products’ small sizes made manufacturing custom fabrics uneconomical, leaving sourcing as the only option to allow production as per the selected designs.

The 400+ fabrics Tel-dan sourced as building blocks enabled creation of final prototypes, that obtained Christian La-Croix’s approval, within a month.

Commercial success

The final products used 27 fabrics sourced from three different countries.
The program was a wild success with over 70,000 pieces sold.


Working with Christian La-Croix and Habitat on a dream-project such as this was truly one of the highlights in Tel-dan’s history, but we strive to bring the same spirit to every collection and retail planogram we’re involved with.

Our ability to bring together diverse and interesting fabric assortments, that combine different materials, textures and weaves, is one of the unique advantages we put at the disposal of our customers.