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Through our relationship with IKEA we learned they were looking to create collections based on designs proposed by their suppliers. We had recently completed our “Abyssinia” design experiment, and proposed a line of products based on the resulting designs.

The case for design uniqueness

The initial reaction we received was concern the designs were too original for mass manufacturing, and that it would be best if they be tweaked to be more conventional and commercial.
We felt otherwise, and in order to help get our vision across we furnished an entire villa with products from this experimental line in order to allow visiting buyers to properly experience our vision.

When instinct pays off

Our choice to “stick-by-our-guns” was vindicated when the collection became an instant hit, with a number of designs going on to generate bedding, curtain and pillow orders totaling millions of dollars over their life-cycle.


Our choice to invest in developing the innate skills and talents of our people, and to show faith in the results they come up with, has provided us with massive material rewards that absolutely satisfy the most stringent ROI analysis. But of no lesser importance is the culture and environment these decisions have fostered. Our people know we support their creativity, and they support ours %100 in return.